Message From The President


Message from the President about the COVID-19 shutdown:  
It seems as though almost overnight the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has changed the world. Containment efforts have led to restrictions in travel, public events and social gatherings of all kinds. It has created closures of restaurants, schools, sports events and theatre productions and, as the spread extends, restrictions deepen and become more defined and entrenched.

But there is good to be seen in every difficult situation and, although this virus knows no boundaries or borders, it has most certainly brought the world together in a unified approach to meeting this challenge head-on. While we may be inconvenienced by changes to routine and everything we rely on in our daily lives, the steps we take now will ultimately define the extent of the spread and the impact to the health of people around the world.

With this in mind, we want to state that we fully support the direction being provided by governments and public health officials as well as the measures being taken by industries, organizations and individuals in preventing the spread of the virus. Prevention is most effective when taken seriously. Be proactive and take appropriate precautions. Our strongest preventative action continues to be washing hands, avoiding face touching and observing social distancing practices. It's a small thing that each of us can do to assist in what has become a global effort to contain this virus. DSAA will also be posting a set of best practices for schools to adopt while conducting business both now and going forward.
Stay safe and keep well!


The DSAA is planning an exciting year with our International Annual Conference in Oklahoma City at the end of October, a one day seminar in early spring and developing webinars throughout the year. Events such as these keep members up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and ideas which mold our profession. The expression "knowledge is power" explains just one of our fundamental missions at the DSAA.

There are also many unseen efforts being made with federal and state government agencies to keep traffic safety education on their radar, making sure that we have input before decisions are made.

Our Association is most well-known for the spirit of fellowship and the welcoming nature of our members. It is most rewarding when former school owners and former exhibitors attend our events to renew the strong friendships they have formed over the years. We firmly believe in the age-old philosophy that there is strength in numbers.

As your President, I am committed to keeping the dual pathway of professional growth and personal enrichment alive. Since communication is key in our modern world, we are developing webinars to assist you in learning. Our Communications Office can be reached at 800-270-DSAA (3722) to give you fast answers to any issues concerning membership and events.

To fully gain the benefits of the DSAA, spend time with us. When you do join us, please seek me out, as I am looking forward to meeting and talking with you at our next event!

I am honored to have been chosen by my peers to be your President. I will devote all available energy to making this our best years to come. I invite you to participate with me in all things DSAA.  

Robert Gillmer
DSAA President