Message From The President



Presidents Message

First and foremost, it is with immense pride and enthusiasm that I begin my service as president of this great institution, “The Driving School Association of the Americas”. It is truly an honor to be part of an organization that is so well respected and admired, not only in the Americas but globally.

Welcome to the Driving School Association of the Americas where we are dedicated to sharing ideas and providing learning opportunities and resources for how to best survive and thrive delivering quality driver education programs and services in an ever-changing environment. 

I am inspired by the commitment and legacy of all our past presidents, past members of the DSAA Board and our many committees. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling DSAA’s mission.

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude for how our DSAA committees have been responding, and to reflect on what guides our decision-making during these challenging times that has included navigating the disruptions and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, as we prepare to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication shown by our conference committee in the past couple of years. They have worked tirelessly to develop and implement ways to support our members and help sustain their interest in DSAA.

We at DSAA strive to keep our lines of communication open to all present and future members and the driver education community at large. We are currently planning a series of short webinars on a variety of topics that are important to our members and to the driver education community from best practises to leveraging technology.We also welcome your feedback and topic suggestions. 

Again, keeping in line with future technology, please continue to monitor our website for updated information concerning upcoming webinars and events,

As we prepare for the new and exciting future of driver education, let us work together to find common ground, pursue important goals and move together toward a bright future.

Our Communications Office can be reached at 800-270-DSAA (3722) or e-mail: to give you fast answers to any issues or questions.

sincerely yours,

Gurdip Atwal 
DSAA President