Code of Ethics 

As professional people, members promise to do all they can to contribute to the dignity, growth, development and upgrading of the driver education and traffic safety profession. Furthermore, they will uphold the ethics and ideals of The Driving School Association of the Americas and pledge to maintain standards above those set by local, state/provincial and federal governments.

The ethical relationships of members of this Association are defined in order to ensure that their conduct will provide sound judgment in pursuance of their professional duties and will follow the highest standards of integrity while upholding the honor and dignity of the driver education and traffic safety profession.

With the Public:
Members shall limit their involvement to such endeavors and in those areas where they have specific knowledge and competence within their profession. They shall avoid any form of appearance of a possible conflict of interest.

With Clients:
Members shall not abuse their professional affiliations to secure personal advantage, shall avoid conflicts of interest and any moral or criminal involvement at all times.

Promotional Practices:
Members shall express their qualifications and services in an honest and factual way. They shall represent their work and/or capabilities in a manner that will credti or reflect favorably upon the profession. Professional papers or articles written for publication shall be factual, dignified and free from self-laudatory implications. Such articles shall convey the author's degree of participation in the work or program described and shall give appropriate credit to others who shared in the activity.

As an Employer:
Members shall provide employees complete information of the position and shall ensure equal opportunities for professional development of those working under their supervision.

With Other Members:
Members shall seek to work with others, including designs, programs, suggestions and accomplishemnts of propriety interests with an attempt to uplift the  reputation, prospect or practice of other members. Each member shall cooperate in extending the effectiveness of the profession by the exchange of information, experience and by encouraging fellow members to pursue their continuing educational effort.

Monitoring/Evaluating Members and the Industry:
The DSAA reserves the right (s) to inspect, monitor and otherwise evaluate the premises where such driver education and traffic safety business is conducted. Furthermore, the DSAA also reserves its right (s) to inspect, monitor and otherwise evaluate to ensure that all business practices, educational quality and conduct within this industry are to the professional standards prescribed by the DSAA and exceed those set forth by any local, state/provincial or federal government.

If your school or driving school association is ready to help us achieve this code of ethics, then we are eager to welcome you into the Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc as new members.