Driving School Associations

Here you can find a good resource of local, state and provincial driving school associations.

If you are opening a new school or just have some questions about local and state laws associations are perfect resource for that.

We will keep adding more associations to this list and if you would like to suggest adding one from your state please contact us.


Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education

The Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education (ANSTSE) was formed in 2010 as a result of publication of the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS) referred to as the Administrative Standards. The administrative standards were developed by representatives from the driver education professional community with assistance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The administrative standards were published in 2009 and revised in 2017 to define the future of driver education and assist in improving the delivery of driver education programs nationally. In addition to the Administrative Standards, ANSTSE provides resources to assist state, local, public and commercial driver education programs. 

Please follow this link to the ANSTSE website: